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"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page" Saint Augustine

Food and Flights was founded by us, Parmela and Robert Plein, in 2015 after a year long eye opening chapter in our lives. In 2014 we took our honeymoon to a luxurious tropical paradise in Ocho Rios, Jamaica and we were travel bug bitten. Our honeymoon was also a mouth opening experience as we were introduced to new culinary treats we hadn’t previously thought about trying. We continued our appetizing adventure in 2015 by organizing a fine dining club. While expanding our palate is great, doing so with the company of others who share your interests is even better. One thing we soon realised through meeting new people at home and abroad, the landlocked nature of the place we grew up had influenced us more than we knew. Over and over again we heard from people outside our community talk about how landlocked our culture was here. They said it was hard to get into people’s circles and to get people to go places. We realised we had strong roots but had not taken full advantage of them to branch out across the world. Our mission at Food and Flights is to open the eyes of others to what more there is to enjoy in life by sharing our stories and experiences with you. With our travels, dining and other new experiences we’ve begun to unlock life. We aspire to teach others to do the same, that there are finer things in life, there are more places to go and greater things to experience. Join us and we will show you how to unlock your life.

  • Destination Reviews

    Hotels, events, landmarks, cruises, shops, and anything else a place has to offer we enjoy experiencing and writing about. Our articles will help travelers know before they go and give businesses insight into the current view of their establishment and competitors to help maintain an excellent level of quality.

  • Restaurant Reviews

    Food is a critical component to everyone's enjoyment what ever they are doing, where ever they are doing it. We are a regular Midwestern couple who give honest reviews from our common Midwest palette. We enjoy trying new things, from the elevated infused culinary revelation to rustic made from scratch family kitchen offerings.

  • eBooks

    From growing up on a farm or lower middle class family our roots are well grounded in humble beginnings. Like so many others, of all ages, we are branching out from our beginnings to explore a greater world around us. And as we make our way we've discovered more like us and connect very well with them, no matter their beginnings or current status in life. We've helped others to push their boundaries and learned more areas to explore of our own. With our literature we're branching out further to continue helping others beyond our immediate circles to unlock life and live finer experiences.

  • Ghostwriting/Guest BLogging

    Traveling and new experiences while helping others to do the same has become a passion of ours. Sharing what we learn and learning from what others share is the true key to enjoying life. We would love to collaborate with others who share our passion. Feel free to contact us about any opportunities you may have.

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Parmela PLein

Founder, Contributor
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Robert Plein

Founder, Contributor
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